Humble Beginnings – A Family Business

In 1963, Michael Kedzierski, an immigrant from Poland, and his family bought St. Joseph Bakery from its original Italian owner. Uncertain how his new venture would turn out, Michael decided to keep his job at a local paper mill when he first took ownership of the business and he enlisted the help of Catherine, his wife, to help run the small store. Their son, Joe, would join them, baking and delivering bread door to door, and years later, their daughter, Mary, began to work in the store, as well.

Hard Work & Dedication

Through hard work and dedication, the Kedzierski family business grew, expanding its offerings from bread and buns to deli meats, pastries and imported foods from the old country and abroad.

Deliveries once made to family homes by Joe would later extend to local restaurants and businesses that carried the bakery’s freshly baked goods.  With Joe at the helm, the bakery underwent five expansions to the building since its opening.

Three Generations

The bakery became an established presence in the community, as Joe avidly supported many local causes, charities and events.  The staff grew in size, as well.  Barbara, Joe’s wife, came on board and their four kids, Joanne, Kathy, Sylvia and Derek, would also help throughout the years, truly making it a family business.

In 2010, Joe’s son, Derek, joined his father at the bakery full-time.  With Joe’s passing in 2016, Derek now proudly continues his family’s legacy as the third generation owner and operator of St. Joseph Bakery and Delicatessen Inc.